Installation Safety

I see many very good stove installations each day but equally many very badly installed appliances. Occasionally I come across an appliance that is so dangerous that I have no choice but to place a condemn notice on it to ensure the owner ceases to use it immediately, these are generally installations that have not been carried out by a registered professional.

A bad installation can cause numerous problems but perhaps the most frightening of all is the risk of Carbon Monoxide becoming present in the home, this can cause serious health issues and ultimately may lead to loss of life.

See my page on Carbon Monoxide safety here.

Choose HETAS

I would always urge anyone who is considering having a solid fuel stove installed to ensure that the work is carried out by a HETAS registered installer giving you the peace of mind that your installation has been carried out in a correct and professional manner. They will always issue you with a certificate of compliance on completion of the install.

A HETAS registered installer will have been trained and will have passed written and practical exams to prove they have the knowledge and skills to perform an installation to the standards required by Building Regulations Approved Document J.

There are many very good installers around, I would recommend either Kindle Stoves or Embers Bristol.