Chimney Fires

On average in the UK there are 30000 chimney fires in domestic properties each year.

Chimney fires which can burn at temperatures in excess of 1000 deg C generally do not stay confined within the flue for long and can quickly affect other areas of the property in number of ways which include:

What Causes Chimney Fires

When solid fuels are burnt the emissions are expelled into the chimney. As these gases rise they cool down, forming creosote – a tar like substance that sticks to your chimney or chimney lining. Creosote is extremely flammable and can be lit by even a small spark from the fire below. The following are the most common causes of chimney fires:

How to tell if you have a chimney fire?

If you suspect that you have a chimney fire:

Visit the Avon Fire & Rescue website for further advice on fire safety in the home: