Why a professionally qualified sweep matters more than ever

Coronavirus has thrown an enormous challenge to the world and we have all had to re-evaluate how we do even the smallest things.

Trades which until recently thought of masks, gloves and risk assessments as a ‘box ticking’ exercise largely to be ignored, are now having to play catch up.

For professional sweeps, these measures are nothing new. In fact we are actually among the most diligent and thorough when it comes to PPE.

Like the many professionally qualified sweeps across the UK, I have always adopted the following procedures:

  • Sheeting to protect floors and carpets
  • Appropriate dust control measures
  • Fresh gloves for each appointment
  • Appropriate PPE including P3 face masks
  • Hand gels and creams applied to hands/arms

So as you can see, the chimney sweeping business is already well ahead of many other trades. However, with the additional challenge of Covid19 I have now introduced ENHANCED measures.

These include:

I have also undertaken awareness training on infection Prevention & Control with the World Health Organisation’s own course specifically on Novel Coronavirus.

All this is in addition to my own industry accreditations with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, which covers health and safety and PPE requirements as standard.

Not every sweep will have these. In an unregulated trade, standards vary massively. Always check before you book.

I am confident that these additional measures demonstrate my commitment to provide the best service to my customers.