Covid 19 Risk Assessment

I would like to assure all my customers that I take their safety very seriously. I have put some procedures in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Having booked your appointment, if anyone residing in your property becomes symptomatic, if there is someone who is self-isolating in your property or indeed if anyone receives a positive test for Covid19 please let me know in advance of your appointment so that I can rearrange or cancel as appropriate.

  • I will in any case contact you the day before your appointment to check the health status of your household.
  • I would be grateful if you will follow the points below for your own safety as well as mine.
  • Open the windows of the room in which I will be working to ventilate the room prior to my arrival.
  • Clear the access route from the property entrance to the work area.
  • Open all the doors through to the work area.
  • Remove coffee tables, fenders, chairs etc from around the fireplace area.
  • Remove any tools, ornaments, fuel containers etc from the hearth area.
  • Remove anything from the mantelpiece above the fireplace.
  • Make an electrical power point easily accessible, if this is not possible please run an extension lead to the work area prior to my arrival.
  • Maintain the recommended two meter social distancing requirement.
  • I would ask you to vacate the room during the sweeping process.
  • Leave the windows open to allow ventilation of the room for a while after I have left the property.

For my part I will ensure that:-

  • Any equipment that I use will have been disinfected prior to it entering your property.
  • I will wear all appropriate PPE throughout my visit.
  • All PPE that I wear will either be disinfected between each job or disposed of as appropriate.
  • I will lay plastic floor coverings around the work area and my standard floor protection sheets will be placed on top. Fresh plastic floor coverings will be used in every property.
  • Before leaving I will disinfect any door handles etc that I may have had to touch.
  • Regrettably I will not be able to accept tea and biscuits for now.
  • Please be aware that I will not remove any waste from your property. Any debris from the chimney and fireplace will be sealed in a plastic sack and left at the property for disposal.